Z-Wave Howto: Connect your Harman Pellet stove to a Z-Wave Thermostat

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by Eric McIntyre  — 11-28-2016

We love using Z-Wave to make our life easier and using our Vera Home Automation platform for heating and cooling is definitely one of the main use cases.  We recently picked up a Harman P38+ pellet stove and installed it into an In-Law apartment attached to our house.  The Pellet stove works great on it’s own, but we wanted to remotely control the temperature of the apartment using a GoControl GC-TBZ48 Z-Wave thermostat so we  got busy and did some research on howto connect the two together.

The Harman pellet stove uses a “room sensing” probe that connect to the back of the stove and is basically thermostat wire (2-wire) connected to a thermistor at the end that provides room temperature info and the pellet stove turns on and off based on that reading.   Hooking up a thermostat is quick and easy and we show you how below in this simple to read graphic.    (Click to enlarge)


The first step is to go buy a GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat or Trane Z-Wave Thermostat from Amazon.com – we’ve used both of these with the stove and they worked fine.  In this example, we show the GoControl Thermostat working with the Harman P38+ Pellet stove.

The room sensing probe connects to the back of the stove with two leads.   In order to connect the thermostat, we keep one end of the probe connected to the stove and connect the other end to the thermostat.  Then the other wire from the thermostat connects where the other lead of the probe would. It doesn’t matter which one of the two connections on the T-Stat (RH & W1) as long as it makes a loop as shown.

How does this work?  The Z-Wave thermostat simply breaks the room sensing connection to the stove which puts the stove in a minimal mode (stove blinks 4 times in this mode).  If you have an auto light Harman stove and have the stove in Auto mode, the Pellet stove will automatically kick off and on based on the T-Stat programming.   It works great and it’s a quick and simple way to automate your environmentally friendly heating!  For details click on the setup diagram to see a closeup connection of the Thermostat.

vera-zwave-thermostat-smallOnce we connected the stove to the thermostat we simply paired the T-Stat with our Vera Edge Z-Wave controller and how have remote control available on our smartphone, tablet, laptop and even our Amazon Echo can control the heating using voice!

Need additional help or more info?  Take a peek at this other great resource about Connecting your Harman Pellet stove to a thermostat – It also has some more detail on the Harman 4-blink mode.