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03-07-16  – Did you know you can sometimes use old Z-Wave lighting devices as range extenders?
I’ve had some old plugin Z-Wave lighting devices from Intermatic and GE that no longer turn on lights, but they still have a working Z-Wave chip in them.  You can usually take this device and move it to a new location and then re-pair it to the Z-Wave Network.  This may not turn on a light, but you can take advantage of the Z-Wave chip and extend the range of your network by adding these in dead spots in between buildings, etc.




11-07-15  – Cloud or No Cloud?   Many of the home automation systems coming out now are cloud based – meaning they sometimes can’t control devices, add devices, or run scenes when disconnected from the Internet.  I agree that Internet is more reliable these days than ever before, but relying on Z-Wave for security and scenes can be a risky move for the consumer.   We want a smart controller that allows local access and not cloud reliant.     Think about this and ask your home control vendor what the capabilities are when you are connected and when you are not.



CEPro 11-26-14  – Our friends over at CEPro write about Z-Wave and why it’s the market leader for now.   The article, written by editor Julie Jacobson covers  shipments of Zigbee vs.  Z-Wave shipments, the new Z-Wave Plus certification and 500 series chips from Sigma Designs.    Check it out now