Z-Wave Water and Freeze Devices

z-wave-waterZ-Wave Water and Freeze Devices are one of the most preventative measures you can add into a home automation system.  The leader in this space in the Z-Wave arena is FortrezZ, making water and freeze sensors, and the ultimate in home automation irrigation, the wireless water valve.  The wireless water valve can be used for irrigation, flood prevention, hydroponics and just about any other water based application you can imagine.  We love the fact that you can use the FortrezZ water/free sensors under each sink, washer, toilet, and as soon as you have a leak, it can tell the water valve to turn off!  No more busted pipes or valves and thousands of gallons leaking, this system can stop the leak in seconds, saving thousands of dollars if the leak goes undetected.   You can find water sensors by FortrezZ, Fibaro, 2Gig, Aeon Labs, and Everspring