Z-Wave Thermostat Devices

51ftBY6YiLL._SL1000_Temperature control is one of the primary features and benefits of a home automation system.   Turning on the heat from your smartphone as you get in the car to leave work, or having the heat turn down automatically each night when you hit the “all off” button on your bedroom wall.  That’s all a possibility now with the Z-Wave thermostat.  Trane was one of the first on the market with the simple Z-Wave thermostat, and many others have followed suit with reasonably priced thermostats.  You can find Z-Wave thermostats from Trane, Honeywell, GE Security, 2Gig, Evolve, RCS, Remotec and others.   Don’t give up if you have a Wifi or IP based thermostat such as the NEST by google.   You can typically interface your Z-Wave controller with the IP network and gain control over your Wifi or IP based thermostat!