Z-Wave Relay & Accessory Devices


Z-Wave Relay & Accessory Devices are used as a gateway from Z-Wave to dry contact or low voltage relays.   These devices can be used to control CCTV cameras, home security systems, garage doors  and other electronic doors, commercial lighting, pumps, heaters and more.  There are different types of relays and accessory devices to meet almost any need.  You can find relays from Linear, Intermatic, FortrezZ,  Evolve, Enerwave and more

Accessory devices translate the Z-Wave signals to almost anything.  For example, one of the newest and neatest accessory devices that have hit the market latest are the Fibaro RGBW LED controller with Z-Wave.  Control an RGBW LED light strip with Z-Wave and show different colors based on different events.