Z-Wave Lighting Devices

45606dimmerswitchZ-Wave Lighting Devices are the staple of any automated smart home, and luckily they happen to be one of the more affordable devices you can integrate into your home.  There are many types of Z-Wave lighting devices – from indoor switches and dimmers, to outdoor appliance modules.   If you want to integrate Z-Wave but don’t want to do any wiring or switch replacement, you can get plug-in modules that go into a standard outlet.  These may not be as attractive as other direct wired modules, but they perform as needed and work just as well in most situations.   Integrating Z-Wave lighting and load control into your home can make your home a more comfy place to be.  One button can dim the lights for a movie, or all the lights can turn on at night if a motion sensor detects movement.  Vacation settings in your home controller can turn on lights on a timer or randomly to make it appear someone is home.   The possibilities are endless with Z-Wave lighting and an intelligent controller.  You can find Z-Wave lighting from almost every company under the sun, but the most popular are GE/Jasco, Schlage, Aeon Labs, Everspring, Leviton, Linear, Enerwave, Cooper and more