Twelve Z-Wave Devices we want under our Christmas Tree!

There is no question we LOVE our Z-Wave network and this is the time of year when we get to dream about all the Z-Wave devices we’d like to see in our Z-Wave Network.  Every device we add into our network has a purpose and makes our life easier by automating activities such as Lighting, Heating/Cooling, and informing us of issues inside and outside of our home.   To help  you decide what products you may want to give or receive as gifts, we’ve compiled a small list of 12 of the Z-Wave devices we’d most like to see under our tree this holiday season!


Light the way with a Z-Wave LED 60W Bulb from Domitech –  
The Domitech Z-Wave bulb was one of the first Z-Wave LED Bulbs to hit the market.  We love this little guy for automated closet lighting.  Using a simple Motion Sensor or Door/Window sensor you can automate any dark room or closet to automatically turn on this light bulb when you open a door or enter a room.  It’s Affordable and throws off a good amount of light for a 60W LED Bulb.
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aeon-range-extender2Extend your Z-Wave Network with the Aeon Labs Aeotech Z-Wave Range Extender – The Aeon Labs Aeotech Z-Wave Range Extender can help you avoid dead spots and slow responses in your Home Automation network.   Simply plug in the device and pair with your Z-Wave network and you’ll extend your network and increase both speed and reliability.   We use a few of these around the perimeter of our home to connect our barn and garage and they work great. Buy now at




Fibaro-Motion-Sensor-ZwaveGet into the Motion with the Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor – The Fibaro Motion sensor does more than just sense motion.  It’s built in temperature sensor adds extra value but it’s the design of this motion sensor that will have you in awe.  Easy to mount and adjust, it has a built in LED flash that corresponds to temperature and changes color as an additional visual indicator.  We also love the built-in vibration sensor to alert you if the device has been moved or tampered with.  Buy now at





Control your Entry ways with the Yale YRD210 Z-Wave Deadbolt – The Yale YRD210 Z-Wave push-button deadbolt is a wonderful addition to any Z-Wave automated home.   We have Z-Wave automated locks around our home and utilize our “Sleep” scene to lock the doors at night when we go to bed – automatically.   We love the key-free look and having no key to enter your home is fantastic!    Battery life is great and the keypad lights up at night. Buy now at




Get Notified  YOUR WAY with the Aeon Labs Aeotech Z-Wave Doorbell!  – The Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave door bell is a high tech way to know when someone is at your door.   The weatherproof remote doorbell gives a high tech look to your entry-way, and the chime sits inside your house to notify you when someone comes for a visit.   You can also setup scenes in your Z-Wave Controller to send you a notification when someone comes to the door, or trigger a network camera to snap a picture and send it to you.   You can also upload MP3’s to make custom doorbell chimes and music play when someone comes a knockin!  Buy now at




415DknrzvKLUse Visual Cues to Inform you of Weather conditions & more with the Express Controls EZM Motion Sensor and LED Light – The Express Controls Z-Wave Motion Sensor with LED Indicator light and built in Temperature sensor is one of our favorite devices in our Z-Wave Home Automation Network.  We use the Motion Sensor for our alarm system and the temperature sensor helps us keep tabs on our comfort level throughout the home.   We really love the LED light feature that allows you to set different colors on the LED.    We turn the LED Red to let us know that the alarm is armed and doors are locked, and green to let us know it’s disarmed.  We have one in the bedroom and master bath and using the Weather plugin, we fetch weather forecasts from the internet and set the colors or the LED to give us a visual indication of the temperatures and weather conditions outside.   Blue means below 30 degrees F and let’s us know we need to bundle up before going outside.  You can’t go wrong with this Z-Wave Motion Sensor – designed right here in the USA!  Buy now at





Let your A/V and Media Devices join the Z-Wave Home Automation Party with the Global Cache IP2IR emitter – The Global Cache IP2IR  device isn’t really a Z-Wave device but it can help extend your Z-Wave network.    The device sits on your IP Network and has three IR Emitters.    Using this IR Emitter and some HTTP calls, you can use your Z-Wave Home Automation controller to push out simple IR commands to control your legacy A/V equipment.  Buy now at




Control your garage doors with the Z-Wave Garage Door Controller from GoControl/Linear
 – The GoControl/Linear Z-Wave Garage door opener is a great addition to your Home Automation network.    You can quickly and easily control your garage door(s) with this simple to install Z-Wave device.  It adds Audio/Visual alerts before closing a door for safely purposes and also use the Z-Wave Lock Secure command class – something that many other Z-Wave garage door openers don’t have.  Buy now at





Get Notified Remotely of Smoke or C02 Leaks with the FirstAlert Z-Combo Z-Wave Detector – The Z-Combo made our list last year and it’s on the list again this year.   This simple Smoke/CO2 detector includes a Z-Wave chip that can talk to your Z-Wave Home Automation network.  Not only can this device notify you in traditional ways when alarming, but it can also send you a txt message or email via your home controller.   We have ours set to alert us via txt, and it also activates a scene to turn on the alarm, all the house lights, and unlocks the doors automatically.  This helps us get out in an emergency and can also allow the fire department easier access to the home if we are not home.  Buy now at






Make it easier to control your scenes with the Evolve Z-Wave Wall Mounted LCD 5-Button Scene Controller  – We love our scene controllers and the Evolve 5-Button LCD controller with Z-Wave is no exception.   Setup this LCD controller with custom names and buttons to activate devices and scenes on your home automation network.    Tabletop and Single gang wall mounting as well as 12V DC or 120V options provide you with a number of mounting options. Buy now at





amazon-echo-image2Put your Z-Wave Network to work with Voice Control using the Amazon Echo! – The Amazon Echo isn’t a true Z-Wave Device but it can interact with your Z-Wave network depending on what controller you have.   We use the Amazon Echo with our Vera Z-Wave controller using an open source bridge running on a Rasberry Pi.  We can then ask Alexa to turn on certain scenes in our Z-Wave network providing us with complete voice control throughout the house.    Using a few of these strategically placed around a home can give you 100% voice controlled home automation at a fraction of the price you would expect.   The Amazon Echo is a simple and affordable device that can really bring your Z-Wave Home Automation network to the next level!
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FibaroZwave-RGBW-ControllerAdd some color into your Z-Wave Network with the Fibaro RGBW Z-wave Controller – The Fibaro RGBW Z-Wave Controller is another one of our favorite new devices in our home automation network.  Simply connect a RGB or RGBW LED light strip to the controller and you can then use your Z-Wave network to light up the LED’s with whatever colors you wish.   Use the controller’s built in color scenes such as Thunderstorm, Fireplace, Rainbow or Aurora or design your own custom colors and scenes.    The Fibaro RGBW Z-Wave controller is definitely the most powerful way to add color to your Z-Wave home automation network!  Buy now at