Telguard GDC1 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Review

Telguard Z-Wave Garage Door Opener (GDC1) Review
Review by Eric McIntyre, Editor – 3/9/2015

telguard-garage-door-box-smThere are very few UL 325 Certified Z-Wave Garage door opener’s on the market today.  One of those is the Telguard GDC1 .   The Telguard GDC1 Z-Wave Garage door opener is designed and manufactured by FortrezZ, a leader in Z-Wave security devices.   The GDC1  is approx 5″ long by 2.5″ tall and 3″ wide.   A blue and white plastic case covers the PCB board and a small siren and a few LED’s located inside.  There is a DC power supply, a pair of black wires that are used to connect the garage door opener (trigger wires) and there are also 2 very long grey wires that are to be used to attach an external magnetic sensor that can detect when the door is open or closed. Also included in the box is an external magnetic sensor that is used to detect if the garage door is open or closed.  This magnetic sensor has a good wide gap coverage, meaning if your door doesn’t close perfectly, the sensor can still detect if the magnet is nearby.

It took about 20 minutes to install the unit, 2 screws held it up against the joist next to the opener.  The black wires connected to the Craftsman opener where the label RED/WHITE wires were.   The long grey wires ran along the joist and I connected them to the supplied magnetic switch.  Once the magnetic switch was mounted, I connected the magnet to the garage door and checked that the little red LED on the Telguard opener stopped blinking.  This means that the magnetic switch was reporting “closed”, and lets the opener know that the door is closed, or “Off”.




You can see in the above screenshot that the Telguard Garage door opener shows up as a binary switch, OFF/ON capability.  ON means OPEN, and OFF means CLOSE.  The included siren and LED flashes five seconds before an OFF command is executed.  This alerts anyone nearby the door that it’s about to close.   You can see an example of the door closing in the video below.  You can see the Telguard opener on the right side of the video.

The GDC1 does not currently support the security command class, which all of the door locks require for additional Z-Wave security.  This command class uses encryption, where as a standard binary On/Off Z-Wave switch does not.  If you require a secure garage door lock, you can look at some of the other Z-Wave openers on the market such as the Linear….but I’m not really worried about people  breaking into my garage as much as I am about my house.    If you want to control your garage doors via Z-Wave, you can’t go wrong with the GDC1 by Telguard.

Telguard GDC1, MSRP of $99.00

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