Imperihome Smarthome Control App Review

imperihome-logoImperihome Pro Smarthome Control App Review
By: Eric McIntyre – 11/07/15

We love our Vera home automation controller – it’s the brain of our Z-Wave network and for the most part it’s rock solid and does what we ask it to do.  One thing that’s seriously lacking is a great mobile interface.  In the past we used an app called HomeBuddy but that no longer worked when we upgraded to the latest and greatest Vera UI7.

Our search for a great mobile app stopped at Imperihome Pro v2.4.  After a short trial with the free version, we were hooked and purchased the pro version from the google play store for just under $7.  This review will cover some of the reasons why we selected it for our Android phones and tablets around our smart home.  They also make an IOS version although we have not tried it.   If you have a home automation system such as Vera

Imperihome is highly customizable

As you can see from the image on the left, we have control over some of most used devices and scenes.   You can customize names, icons, background images, and also the type of control.  We colored our thermostat Red and Heat off scene Blue to help identify them quickly.



Imperihome talks to most devices, switches and scenes

Imperihome also offers a variety of switch and dimmer types, composite switches and scene activation.  as well as RGB controls for popular devices such as the Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW controller or the Aeon RGBW Z-Wave Bulb.








Imperihome can also launch Custom Apps, HTTP pages, Launch HTTP Commands and more


imperihome-6Another fantastic option within Imperihome is the ability to link applications, execute HTTP requests and use voice activation.  Here you can see that these widgets can be added instead of a device when setting up a page.  Multiple pages with multiple layouts make it easy to scroll and get to the device, app or action you want.


Using our Vera Z-Wave controller allows us the option to also control devices using Ethernet as well.  Using the Onkyo plugin, we can control our HDMI switch that connects to the video distribution.  From any room we can switch the input from Netflix, Chromecast, or DirecTV.


We’ve also linked our Arm and Disarm options for the alarm system.  Since Imperihome Pro can be customized at such a high level, you can use wall mounted Android tablets to extend your home control at every room.   Imperihome offers the ability to not only copy profiles and layouts from device to device, but it also has wall-mounted options for run at boot, admin lock, and even has a camera wakeup so when you approach the tablet it turns on.  Very cool!















Some other notable features include NFC activation, Composite Energy switch monitoring, Data Graphing (using Vera and Datamine) voice activation and more.  We also love the ability to use voice activation and activating scenes using our Android 360 Smartwatch.  We urge you to check out the gallery below, it’s just a small sample of some of the look and feel and we haven’t spent too much time organizing and heavily customizing the interface.  So far it’s done everything we’ve asked of it and it’s a great alternative to the stock home control apps.

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Imperihome Pro for Android, iPhone and iPad
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