GE/Jasco Z-Wave Outdoor Switch and Smart Outlet Review

GE/Jasco Z-Wave Smart Outlet

GE/Jasco Z-Wave Outdoor Switch and Z-Wave Smart Outlet Review
Review by Eric McIntyre, Editor – 3/9/2015

Jasco products are one of the oldest manufacturers of Z-Wave devices and are known for great quality products at reasonable prices and are widely available.   I’ve got a ton of these Jasco Z-Wave devices throughout my network and have had very few failures over the last 6 years.  They’ve recently expanded their lineup of Z-Wave devices, adding a Smart in-wall Fan Control dimmer switch as well as a line of Z-Wave toggle switches.   They have also gotten away from the plastic shrink wrap for most of their products and have gone with a new bold look with new packaging.  The new cardboard boxes “pop” have the Z-Wave logo in the bottom right corner, new “Smart” product naming as well as new sku’s.   Other than some new firmware, they are very similar to the products we’ve reviewed in the past.

I recently received some of the latest devices for testing and as I  expected, they were simple to install/pair as were our past experiences with Jasco devices.  The Smart Outlet, shown above provides a single Z-Wave controlled outlet, and an always-on outlet that is not Z-Wave controlled.   Other than the button and blue-led, you’d never be able to tell it’s not a standard outlet.  I installed this in our basement/crawlspace area and using our Vera Z-Wave controller, I used the Smart In-Wall Outlet to control a small electric heater.  Using this outlet in conjunction with an express controls 3-in-1 sensor to measure temperature, I then created a scene to turn the electric heater on or off based on the temperature that the express controls sensor measures.  This is just one idea of the millions of things you can do with any one of these Jasco Z-Wave devices and a Z-Wave controller!

GE/Jasco outdoor switch

I also took a peek at the latest Jasco Outdoor Z-wave switch.  This device is the only outdoor weather resistant Z-Wave switch available on the market.  I have used these for years and they have proven to be very reliable and weatherproof.  Pairing the latest version of the Smart outdoor switch with my Vera controller was simple, and I then performed an “update neighbor nodes” to make sure the controller could talk to the outdoor switch since it was so far away.  Once the Z-Wave network updated, I had complete control over the outdoor switch.  I then connected some outdoor LED strip lights to the switch, and setup a scene to turn these deck lights on at sunset every night.  The most important thing about using these switches outdoors is to make sure that the outlet side of the switch hangs downward.  This keeps water away from the electrical connections.

GE Jasco Z-Wave RemoteJasco also makes Z-Wave remote controls.  We have a few of the Z-Wave On-Wall battery powered wall switches, model 45631 and we recently received one of the latest Jasco remotes, the 45633.  This black remote has an LCD screen and allows you to control switches and thermostats from the remote itself.  We didn’t pair this to our Vera controller since we were using an older UI5 firmware version at the time.   These Z-Wave remotes make it handy to control almost any device and having a few of them laying around the most popular rooms in the house makes controlling any device just a reach away.

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