FortrezZ MIMO & Water/Freeze Sensor Review


FortrezZ MIMO and Water/Temp sensor review

z-wave MIMO by fortrezz

We’ve been a fan of FortrezZ products for quite some time. The first products we reviewed were Z wave water sensors. When they detect the presence of water they send a signal to the Z-Wave controller. FortrezZs’ ingenious design and innovative implementations of Z-Wave allow homeowners extra protection at a reasonable cost. Recently FortrezZ has branched out and now offers several products such as the flood and temp sensors, water valve, strobe alarm and the newest product the FortrezZ MIMO module – Multi-in and Multi-out sensor for DIY scenes and automation based on low voltage contacts.




FortrezZ WWA01AA/02AA Water/Freeze sensorsFortrezZ Z-Wave Sensors

We reviewed the first generation FortrezZ water and freeze sensors and recently received the second generation sensors from FortrezZ a few months ago. The new sensors are superior to previous versions and best of all they offer the ability to use AA size batteries where the older versions relied on an obscure and expensive Li-ion battery. The newer versions of the water/freeze sensors are slightly larger but offer the convenience of the the two AA batteries. They also feel better made and the contacts on the bottom are better integrated into the unit. The WWA01AA offers a program switch for adding and removing the device from the Z-Wave network and also offers an integrated speaker for an audible alarm.

As soon as the device detects temperatures below 37F or the presence of water near the contacts, it will send an alert to the Z-Wave Controller. You can set up a scene on your controller to notify you via e-mail or text message or even set off your FortrezZ Z-Wave strobe alarm. We used these devices not only as flood sensors, but as temp sensors due to their relatively inexpensive price. We’ve been using both WWA01AA and WWA02AA for over 6 months on a Vera2 and Vera3 Z-Wave controller and battery life is averaging about 75% for 6 months of use. This calculates out to approx 2 year battery life without alarms. These devices from FortrezZ are a lifesaver if you have a leak and can save you thousands of dollars in deductibles and home repair should you have a major water leak or flood in your house.


z-wave MIMO by fortrezzFortrezZ MIMO – Z-Wave Interface/Bridge module

The MIMO is one of the most useful products on the market for the DIY home automation geek that wants to integrate almost any type of device into their Z-Wave network. You can connect up to four wired devices to signal inputs and make them wireless via Z-Wave. The MIMO comes enclosed in a NEMA4 weather resistant enclosure so it cam be mounted outside for better signal strength and is powered externally via a 12v DC wall plug.

We connected our garage door opener to one of the MIMO inputs and could then turn the virtual MIMO switch ON or OFF and trigger the contact of the garage door. Using one of the other contacts you could also add some type of contact switch to the door to determine whether it’s open or closed. This is just one of the many ideas and integration examples for this ingenious device. It also supports dry contact inputs that can be used to automate something on the Z-Wave network. Connecting to a security camera or security DVR could send a signal to the Z-Wave network to activate a Z-Wave Strobe, or turn on certain lights. The possibilities are endless with this device and its flexibility.