Express Controls Plug-In Multi-Sensor Review

Express Controls Plug-In Multi-Sensor (EZMultiPli)
EZMultiPli200Express controls is one of the first companies to introduce a Z-Wave powered temp, light and motion sensor. Homeseer has long since branded it as their own and marketed it for about $75 as the HSM100.     This new sensor – known as the HSM200 or the EZMultiPli – is now powered by 120V and the included wall prongs allow you to plug it into the wall directly.    It’s very small, about 1/4 of the size of the last model, and very thin (1″  or less deep and about 3.5″ tall) It doesn’t have the range that the last version has, its really designed to detect motion in a room vs over a larger area that the first version was.

We really like the new form factor, very small and thin, and the best part it has the ability to act as a repeater  in the network by default.  It also includes the Light level sensor, Temp sensor, Motion Sensor, and the newly added “night light” mode.  The Night light and sensor detector light includes a multi-color (8 total colors) LED for activating based on certain events, or as a simple night light.  It’s capable of the following colors:  Black (Off), White, Red, Green, Blue, Aqua, Pink and Yellow.  It also has a superior antenna and is also one of the first Z-Wave Plus devices based on the 500 series chip from Sigma. Currently the sensor isn’t supported by Vera in UI5 and is only partially supported in the newest UI7.  Homeseer has full support for the device.  One really nice thing we like about the Express Controls devices is that they are designed and manufactured right here in the USA.  Sad to say, that’s pretty rare for an electronics device these days.

One of the best things about this new model is it supports the firmware update command class.  This means that the sensor is now field serviceable and upgradable.  The last version HSM100 was not capable of this and this should extend the life of the product should express controls release any future updates. We can’t wait to update this review once we can get this working with our Vera.  You can get them for about $65 each on Amazon and we highly urge you to pick one up for your system.

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