Enerwave 7-Button Scene Controller Review

Enerwave 7-Button Scene Controller Review

Scene controllers are one of the more convenient devices you can add into your home network.  The Enerwave 7-button scene controller lives up to that convenience and is the best scene controller we’ve installed into our network.   Our first experience with scene controllers was using the IWC600 IlluminEssence 4 Scene Controller from Monster.   These 4 button scene controllers were expensive, but easy to install and pair.  One huge issue that we were not aware of, they were extremely slow in executing scenes on the Vera controller we use.

We recently purchased a few of the Enerwave scene controllers we’ve seen on Amazon for about $45 each.  This was a great price since they were literally half the prices of the Monster 4 button scene controllers.   Installing a scene controller is super easy, and all it needs is ground, hot and a neutral wire.  No load goes through these devices, instead they connect to the 120V line to power the Z-Wave radio and light the LED’s to indicate scene execution.

We had a few issues with the pairing of the device, mostly due to the distance of the primary controller when we first tried.  Once the device is paired (or thinks it is), it may need a power reset via the circuit breaker to try again.  This solved the issue for us and we were off and running in no time creating scenes.   Our first scene we programmed to a button was the ALL OFF, turning off the house, lowering the heat and locking the doors.  After we synched the scene to the button we select on the Enerwave, it executed almost instantly when we hit it.   Smile – this was a heck of a lot easier and faster than our old scene controllers!

71bBU0J5eRL._SL1500_These controllers have been a part of our Z-Wave home network for a few months now and so far so good.  Every now and then when the power goes out, the LED’s will all be lit up, making you look twice.   The little stickers they give you are so very small that they are really not worth even using.  We used a label maker to make some tiny labels to stick on the buttons and they look nicer and are easy to read.  We really like having scene controllers near lights in some of the main rooms in our house.  We use all 7 buttons for heating, cooling, lighting per room, and even locking the doors and turning off the lights and thermostat when we leave the house.

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