DragonTech, Domitech, and Remotec Z-Wave Roundup

DragonTech, Domitech, and Remotec Z-Wave Roundup

ZWaveProducts.com was nice enough to supply us with a ton of review units.   DragonTech, Domitech  and Remotec are provided exclusively in North America by ZwaveProducts.   We’ve heard many great things about Remotec and were looking forward to checking out some of the products in their lineup.

Domitech and DragonTech are newcomers to the Z-Wave playing field and proved to be solid devices with the latest in Z-Wave technology – many of them utilizing the 500 series Z-Wave plus chipset by Sigma Designs.   This latest Z-Wave chipset offers OTA (over the air firmware update) Updates, Better range, speed and Z-Wave routing capabilities.


Domitech Z-Wave LED Light bulb

domitech-bulbThe Domitech Z-Wave LED Light bulb is a 60W replacement bulb in the typical A19 form factor.  It’s the the first Z-Z-Wave integrated LED Light bulb we’ve tested and our first impressions are great!   This LED bulb looks like any other LED bulb, but inside it houses a 500 series chip Z-Wave chip from Sigma Designs.  It acts as a dimmer switch on your network and at only $29.99 is a killer deal.  Since most Z-Wave devices are used for lighting, why not combine the two?   We used the bulb in a closet and had an old Z-Wave Door/Window sensor that we connected to the closet door.  We created a quick open and closed scene in our Vera Edge controller and within minutes we had the Domitech LED bulb turing on and off when we opened and closed the door.   Using only 9 Watts, the bulb provides a  warm bright light (2700K) and instantly on at 750 Lumens.    We found the Domitech DTA19-750-27 Z-Wave bulb to be a wonderful addition to our home automation network!

Domitech DTA19-750-27 Z-Wave LED bulb, 60 Watts
$29.99 – Available at ZWaveProducts and Amazon.com


DragonTech PD-100 Z-Wave Dimmer , PA-100 Z-Wave Appliance (On/Off) modules

DragonTech-moduleDragontech isn’t a well known brand and we had never heard  of them before this review.   The brand is new to the market and is one of the exclusive brands available at ZwaveProducts.com.  They have some of the latest technology available in Z-Wave devices, the 500 Series chipset. This new 500 series Z-Wave Plus chipset offers better range, better speed and routing on the Z-Wave network.   We gave both the PD-100 and PA-100 (shown left) a test run in our Z-Wave network and they both performed perfectly.   The design on each module is identical, except the PD-100 does not offer a grounded plug option.

We have a ton of GE/Jasco modules in our Z-Wave network and these differ slightly but mainly in features.   The Dragontech dimmer modules do not include a “load sensing” option that the GE/Jasco dimmer modules do.  There is also no “passthru” option on the Dragontech.  This allows you to control a Z-Wave device and also offers a second outlet for non Z-Wave control.  We do really like the night light option on the Dragontech modules, this is a great feature that many users will enjoy.  You can’t go wrong with adding these into your Z-Wave network.  With the Z-Wave Plus chipset, small form factor and included LED night light, these Dragontech Z-Wave modules are priced right!

Domitech PD-100 Z-Wave Dimmer module
$39.99 – Available at ZWaveProducts and Amazon.com

Domitech PA-100 Z-Wave On/Off module
$38.99 – Available at ZWaveProducts and Amazon.com
DragonTech WD-100 Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer , WS-100 Z-Wave (On/Off) In-Wall Switch

DomiTech-WD100_1Dragontech also makes in-wall dimmers and switches that are also available at ZwaveProducts.com.  The in-wall switches also offer the 500 Series Z-Wave chipset from Sigma Designs. This new 500 series Z-Wave Plus chipset offers better range, better speed and routing on the Z-Wave network.   Both the WS-100 and WD-100 can be installed in a 3-way or 4-way installation with the available Aux switch (~$20) using the traveler as a signal wire.

The Dragontech WD-100 has a 7 LED dimmer indicator on the left side (see pic to left) .  This allows you to visually see the dimmer level visually, something we really like.   Another nice feature of the WD-100 is the ability to adjust the ramping level of the dimmer.   Like much of the competition, these in-wall modules offer a tiny LED night light option.  Just like the Dragontech plugin modules, you can’t go wrong with adding these Z-Wave plus powered switches into your Z-Wave network!

Domitech WD-100 Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer
$44.99 – Available at ZWaveProducts and Amazon.com

Domitech WS-100 Z-Wave In-Wall On/Off Switch
$42.99 – Available at ZWaveProducts and Amazon.com