Aeotec Z-Wave SmartStrip Review

z-wave-energyby Eric McIntyre  — 3-19-2016

Saving energy and electricity was one of our main driving factors when investing into our home automation system and we love any device that helps us save more.   The Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Strip is definitely one of our favorite Z-Wave devices in our home due to it’s ability to  protect from surges and power spikes as well as independently control 4 separate outlets on a single power strip.

The Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Strip looks like any ordinary power strip but it has some extra ordinary features and is one of very few z-wave enabled power strips on the market.   It has a total of 6 outlets on the power strip itself, two that are not z-wave controlled and four that are independently controlled with an independent LED above each outlet to indicate status.  It also has a soft switch on the top that glows blue for easy on/off and a hard power on/off switch in the back of the unit that also seems to act as a surge reset.   The Smart Strip also claims to track energy independently on each outlet, although our current version of Vera firmware does not seem to work properly with the energy tracking.

We don’t really care about the energy tracking, we wanted to use it for our Monitors and Printers in our home office, some aren’t energy star certified and leak a ton of energy when plugged in.  The Smart Strip allows us to independently turn on just the monitors, or just the printer, or just the music, or all of them using the master z-wave switch.    Having each outlet independently controlled allows you a ton of flexibility in scenes as well, so we made a scene to turn on just the music during parties, and just the monitors only when we are in the office.  See the screenshot shown below, you can see the SStrip individual devices and the SStrip master device and how they show up in Vera UI7 firmware.   We hid the two devices that are un-switched since we don’t like to clog our dashboard with useless devices.


We see a variety of applications where anyone with a Z-Wave network could benefit from this device.  Having a Smart Strip behind your entertainment center to kill all phantom power devices would help save energy, or using the device for a grow room for lights, fans and irrigation, or possibly behind a fish tank for day and night lighting, pumps and heaters.   No matter what your application we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy having the Smart Strip in your Z-Wave automated home.

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