Add IOT “Smarts” to your Mailbox with Z-Wave Home Automation!


smart mailbox send txt messages for new mailWe show you how to connect your Z-Wave Home Automation network to your mailbox to receive SMS Txt message notifications when your mailbox is opened.   Combining a Fibaro Door and Window sensor along with an external magnetic contact switch allows us to wire up our traditional mailbox and make it an IOT “Smart” Mailbox.  Learn how to add Z-Wave smarts to your mailbox with our simple “how-to”

We review the Vera Z-Wave Home Automation Controller

Our first Home Automation review is packed with details on how you can setup your home or small business to be more automated.  Vera is a Z-Wave based home automation controller that does it all and helps you save energy doing it!   Access Vera from a cell phone, mobile device or any web browser to turn on and off the heat, lights and appliances or unlock doors and set a scene to lower the lighting when you play a DVD.  The possibilities are endless!  In our detailed review, we found Vera to be very powerful, user friendly and best of all it supports every certified Z-Wave device available today! Find out more in our Vera Review