Add IOT “Smarts” to your Mailbox with Z-Wave Home Automation!


smart mailbox send txt messages for new mailWe show you how to connect your Z-Wave Home Automation network to your mailbox to receive SMS Txt message notifications when your mailbox is opened.   Combining a Fibaro Door and Window sensor along with an external magnetic contact switch allows us to wire up our traditional mailbox and make it an IOT “Smart” Mailbox.  Learn how to add Z-Wave smarts to your mailbox with our simple “how-to”


More Amazon Echo Z-Wave Control Options

Amazon-Tap-and-Echo-DotEarlier this week Amazon announced two new additions to the Amazon Echo family, the Tap and Dot (Shown left to right in the image)

If you use your Amazon Echo to control your Z-Wave network like I do you’ll be happy to know these new options help you extend the echo voice control.

The Amazon Echo Dot has the same advanced microphone array but cuts out the big speaker – you bring your own or use a bluetooth speaker.    The Amazon Tap is Amazon’s own portable Bluetooth speaker, but with some Echo options.  It doesn’t listen all the time, you have to tap the microphone as ask – hence the name. The Amazon Echo Dot isn’t easy to get  – to get your hands one you must be an Amazon Prime member and use an echo or other voice enabled Amazon device or app to order it.

The Amazon Tap on the other hand can be ordered directly at Amazon and is available to everyone. The Amazon Echo Dot is $89.99 and the Tap is $129.99.   We are excited to check these out and integrate them into our Z-Wave home!