About Us

eric-bioHi, My name is Eric and I love Home Automation and especially my Z-Wave network!  I created MyZwave.net to help spread the word about this amazing technology for home control and automation.  Home automation has been a dream of mine since the old days when I was watching episodes of the popular 70’s cartoon, the Jetsons.  I was astonished with the thought of my home interacting with me and my family….as well as making our life easier along the way.  Although today we are still not quite at the Jetsons level of automation and interaction, we are well on our way with some of the latest advancements in Home automation and Home Security.

My first attempt at automation was back in the mid 90’s using those X10 blocks – which used Powerline technology to create a network of devices that talked to each other over the electric line.  That was a good attempt and did some neat things for me, but is was very poor at consistency, and in some cases, I’d wake up in the middle of the night with all the lights on!

When I first heard about Z-Wave I was excited about the possibility of the new wireless automation technology and was eager to ditch my X10 devices.  My first Z-Wave network was with the Hawking Home Remote product, and then upgraded to the MiCasaVerde Vera controller.  For me , Z-Wave has solved most of those reliability and performance issues with X10 and we couldn’t be happier.  I now control not only Z-Wave devices, but using Vera plugins, I can now control most AV devices in our home over IP using Z-Wave as a bridge.  From myself and the other writers here at MyZwave.net, we urge you to try Z-Wave yourself and hope this site helps you get an understanding and passion for the technology.  To learn more about Z-Wave check out the What is Z-Wave page and for more details on some of the things we’ve done with our Z-Wave systems,  see Our Z-Wave Network

We are always looking for new writers!   If you are interested in writing some articles about your experiences with Z-Wave, we urge you to Contact Us with a link to a writing sample and why you’d like to become a contributing writer for MyZWave.net